"Probably the best PM company in CS...very professional staff, respectful, well educated, very available...the property managers take a personal interest in the properties they manage...they know how to deal with tenants and landlords, and do so with a professional demeanor that you can only admire !

Believe you me, I have used the services of 3-4 PM companies in CS/Bryan, and At Home is hands down "the best"...don’t waste your time going to anyone else...if you are a tenant, they will find you a property, and if you are a landlord, they will take good care of it for you..."

- Raj D.

"If you want a property worth your money, try this company. I won't go to any other company after renting from At Home for 3 years. A washer/dryer is included in almost every unit, most units are duplexes with a yard. I like not worrying about neighbors above or below as much as with traditional apartments. My favorite realtor is Christian - he worked with us extensively to find an apartment that fit our budget and needs. I haven't had many issues with At Home, and those I have had, were resolved eventually. They're also one of the only companies in CS with leniancy toward multiple pets. I've recommended friends that have multiple pets to rent here. We were allowed to paint a wall in our last apartment as long as we painted it back. The units are just worth the money you pay. I've always gotten the bulk of my security deposit back. No pety charges for things - just what was damaged or needed replacing. It was also detailed and written down exactly what was charged and how much."
- Hannah M.

"I have worked with At Home the past 5 years and could not be happier with their service. Their prices were more than fair and were available to me 24/7. Jana was an excellent property manager who treated my property as if it were her own. I would absolutely recommend At Home to anyone in the BCS area needing a PM.

I also used At Home to sell my home. Jana got my property sold unbelievably fast, taking a huge weight from my shoulders. She is an excellent realtor who will hit the ground running when you need her to. Cannot say enough nice things about this company and Jana Lane!"

- Dannie Grego

"Great experience in going above & beyond to get me in my apartment. The staff is very friendly. JereJene you are the Best! Thank you so much!"
- Felisha Kelley

"I have rented with this company for the past 3 years, and I am truly happy with the service I have received. I would recommend that anyone rent with this company. They are true to their word, they don't play games, and they keep you in the loop on everything that's going on. They are always easy to get a hold of. The negative reviews on this page are of people who have to be evicted or don't take care of the rental unit."
- Erin Brannan

"My roommates and I just finished our move-out process last night and these same sentiments are echoed in the comments section of our move-out packet, but I just wanted to let y’all know again that in my 8 years of living in College Station (I know, I'm getting old in B/CS years!) I have yet to find a property management company that is as prompt, fair, and attentive to their tenants' needs as you guys are. Keep up the good work and you better believe I’ll check with y'all first in the future if I need to rent again."
- Brett Tidwell

"I used At Home Properties for a rental on my father's home. They were very professional and organized in the way they conducted business. These days quality and service are an important priority for any consumer, trade or service when you want the best value for your dollar. I opted to have them manage repairs, contracts and negotiations with renters for a nominal fee for the services performed. I had an outstanding return of communication and commitment from their firm, they handled a great burden off of my shoulders during the time I used their rental services. They took good care of everything that I needed and I respectfully refer them as one of Brazos Valley's best choices for rental care and services. They are very knowledgeable in real estate and it would be a great pleasure to recommend them. Thanks Lynn and all of your staff whom aided me in my time in need. Keep up the excellence!"
- James Powell

"I think At Home Property is a great place to find your next home/apartment/duplex or whatever your looking for. So stop by and let them help you out. Keep up the great work AHP team!!!!"
- Will Johnson